The Gallery of Miloš Alexander Bazovský

The Gallery of Miloš Alexander Bazovský in Trenčín is an important cultural and artistic institution in the territory of the city of Trenčín in the founding authority of ​​the Trenčín self-governing region. Since 2001 it has been housed in a historic pseudo-baroque three-winged building from the late 19th century on Palacký Street no. 27 in Trenčín, in which it continues to organize its numerous activities. With its activities, it addresses not only the inhabitants of Trenčín but also the wider public in the region. This institution was founded in 1969, a year after the death of the painter Miloš Alexander Bazovský, after which it was named. Since its inception, its profile has been characterized by focus on Slovak fine art of the 20th century and the 21st century, and on the art of the Trenčín region. The mission of the gallery includes collecting and exhibiting of artworks as well as scientific research and cultural-educational activities.



The Gallery of Miloš Alexander Bazovský in Trenčín
Palackého 27
911 01 Trenčín
Slovak Republic

tel: +421 32 743 68 58